Dirty Confession, Bangalore Call Girls Sex Story

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I am a full bodied bold woman, if you look at my 7 size figure; You are going to be very exciting and passionate.

I am a married woman; I have been married for 2 years. Here I want to share some of my secret dirty things that happened in my newly married life.

Bangalore Escorts

My husband loves my sexy toned figure and wet pussy. We enjoy more and more in our newly married life. When we got married, me and my lovely husband went on a honeymoon 5 times. I also enjoyed my first night; We orgasm 5 to 4 times.

My husband and I enjoyed it a lot after marriage, both of us played dirty sex games and enjoyed the entire season. But, every day, normal things start getting boring and then me and my husband start doing some new and adventurous things. To restore fun and thrilling entertainment in our sex life.

We think that we are fucking with another man or another woman, and after some time we decide that we do.

Bangalore Call Girls Sex Stories

My husband has a friend Amit, he has come to my house, and they are always praising me. And my husband tells me that my sister is beautiful and seductive, and they have all the skills to drive a man crazy. My husband likes to have fun with my sister.

They like to see their figure and enjoy youth and activism. They want to have sex with my sister.

One night my husband and I were in bed, and he told me that we feel about Amit that you are fucking and I am looking at you, I said okay. Then he told me, one day I was invited to fuck Amit with you.

Amit came to my house, and I opened the door at night wearing sexy nighty, my fair thighs and my toned figure looking neat in that transparent night dress, as Amit looked at me with lustful eyes.

I am offered food, and Amit is constantly stirring while eating me, and they took mine in his hand, started a gentle kiss on my neck, and they touched my thigh with his sensual touch.

Amit took off my clothes and started sucking my boobs, he took off all my clothes including my bra and panties, now I was completely naked in front of him, and he said to me, oh babe you are hot and commodity too.

They were constantly kissing me, and suddenly picked me up and started me in the bedroom, and we were both fully excited and every body part was full erogenous.

That day we both enjoy sex a lot, and we do that 2 times, on that day we both fulfill our secret desire and we repeat them.

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