Cystitis, what is it caused by?

Cystitis, what is it caused by?

There cystitis indicates the presence of inflammation of the bladder and as a disorder leads to a feeling of having to urinate continuously.

Warning signs of cystitis are:

  • constant discomfort (due to feeling like you need to urinate frequently)
  • pain when urinating (burning or stinging)
  • unusual urine colour, much darker than the usual straw colour, accompanied by an unpleasant odour
  • presence of blood in the urine
  • abdominal pain
  • backache
  • temperature
  • sense of weakness

It is a’bacterial infection which can be infectious, due to various causes such as:

  • incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • use of the diaphragm
  • pressure on the bladder due to pregnancy
  • dry yourself wrong after being in the bathroom

As for the non -infectious cystitis, The causes are to be found in:

  • hormonal imbalances and hormonal alterations (such as menopause)
  • smoke
  • dehydration
  • detergents containing chemicals or perfumes
  • diabetes

It is better to consult your doctor immediately when you realize that you may be in front of a case of cystitis.

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics who can resolve the situation.

The advice is also that of prevent the appearance of cystitis especially while remaining hydrated.

To realize this, it is good to evaluate the color of your urine: if she is a straw -colored, she has been hydrated enough.

If, on the other hand, the urine is dark in colour, remember to drink more (almost two liters of water a day) but it is better to avoid drinks that have an irritating effect on the bladder (caffeine, carbonated and alcoholic drinks).

In addition, it is advisable to wash the intimate parts with warm water and with products that respect the pH of the skin and dry in the correct way.

Finally, for women, frequently change the absorbents, both external and internal ones.

Even sexual intercourse can affect the appearance of cystitis: better completely emptying the bladder after sexual intercourse or avoiding having one until the disorder passes.

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