Sincere friendship improves the state of health, to support it a study by the University of North

The sincere friendship improves the state of health, to support it a study by the University of North Carolina

Whoever finds a friend finds a long life elixir. A group of scientists has discovered that true friendship is not only reflected in the emotional sphere, but also positively affect health and well -being positively. To do this, the scientists explain, they conducted a series of specific experiments for a month and a half, involving sixty -five between employees and students. Above all, the contacts that these people have declared to have with relatives, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances were assessed. And here the surprise: those who have a consolidated nucleus of friends, contacting them, activates the pressure receptors we have in the skin, also known as corpuscles of pacini, who mainly respond to deep pressure.

These receptors immediately send vagus nerve signals. At that point we begin to feel good because that nerve is connected with nerve fibers that reach several cranial nerves and play an important role in regulating most of the body’s key functions, including blood pressure. Therefore, as a result of the stimulation of the vagus nerve, heart rate and blood pressure decrease. In reality, the vagus nerve plays an important role in the parasympathetic system, which would represent a sort of handbrake when we are under stress or hyperexcped. Another important change occurs directly in the brain.

A friendly relationship, stimulates the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter known as “L ’ pleasure hormone” because it creates a pleasant feeling of satisfaction that relieves stress and tension. It was also appreciated that a hug between friends is enough to increase the production of oxytocin, also known as “the hormone of the#8217; love”, which allows us to connect emotionally with others and encourages us to trust them. Furthermore, in evaluating the physiological parameters, the researchers appreciated that those who receive the embrace of a friend show a significant reduction in the level of cortisol in the blood, the stress hormone that causes so much damage.

Also according to the study, it was found that the people who have established good relationships with other beings are happier than the others. These studies show that true friends have a very powerful effect on our brain and help us achieve a state of relaxation and well -being, while they allow us to better face stress and fear. While those people who do not have friends, are more inclined to stress and with the passage of time, with age, ages, they suffer from various diseases.

Thanks to the results of this study now that you know how much it can do you, explains Giovanni d ’ Agata President of the “Rights Desk”, try taking care of your friendships. Building and cultivating good friendships from adolescence allows you to live better and longer and protects against disease and overweight. This is why you give importance to the bond, also because sometimes friendships close, for no real reason, because there is a lack of awareness of how precious that relationship is.

To find the impetus to make a phone call, let’s try to reflect on the void that the friend has left and on all those moments in which his presence and his words have nourished us.

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