Muscle tear, as it happens

The muscle tear It is an injury that involves the breakdown of the fibers that make up the muscle. Usually it affects the back or lumbar band, the thigh at various levels (flexors, adductors, quadriceps and femoral biceps) or the legs (calf and triceps suoral).

How muscle tear is happening

It occurs due to an excessive strain on the muscles following a sudden contraction, an incorrect movement or a sudden jerk that takes the muscle beyond the physiological limit of tension.

For this reason, given that muscle tear occurs above all when physical activity takes place “cold” and without heating or because some wrong movement is made, it is advisable to follow these precautions.

Heating before starting the sports activity and, once finished, do stretching exercises. Carry out efforts and movement only if you feel in the appropriate conditions to do it.

Do not perform exercises when even mild pains are felt because the situation could be aggravated (evidently you are already faced with a first -degree muscle tear)).

Finally, maintaining a good body temperature because otherwise a stiffening of the muscles could occur.

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