Lazio Region – Power disturbances, a decree has been passed to strengthen the network

Lazio Region – Power disturbances, a decree passed to strengthen the network

“Two beds dedicated to subintensive nutritional resuscitation will be created at the hospital complex of S. Giovanni Addolorata of Rome. It is the first structure of its kind in Italy intended to assist patients in a coma or in danger of life due to eating disorders. This innovation is contained in the decree 80 signed by the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti With which the network of services intended to treat pathologies such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, uncontrolled eating disorder.

Eating disorders can seriously compromise the health of all organs and systems of the body (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, hematological, skeletal, central nervous system, dermatological etc.) and lead to death. In Lazio involve over 211 thousand people: 17 thousand cases of anorexia, 76 thousand those of Bulimia and 117 thousand eating disorders uncontrolled.

The age of debut has dropped and it is not uncommon to find forms of eating disorders even between children and pre-adolescents. Precisely for this reason the decree pays particular attention to the overall implementation of the network intended for minors. With Decree 80, paths are identified and the network of dedicated structures is implemented at all levels of care. Territorial clinics are growing that pass from 8 to 12, so as to guarantee the presence of one for each ASL. The network of day centers is increased by 70 places with the construction of three new centers in Rome and one for each province.

60 beds grows the receptive capacity of the residential level. These availability derived from the calculation of the needs will be used to start a residential structure in Rome, one in the north area of Lazio for the provinces of Viterbo and Rieti, and one in the south area for the ASL of Latina and Frosinone. The hospital circuit with the creation of two beds of nutritional resuscitation to the s. Giovanni di Roma and it is the first time that a structure of this type is created at an Italian level to assist patients in a coma or life threatening.

To these are added another 4 beds for minors to the Child Jesus. The number of seats in Day Hospital remains unchanged: four at the Umberto I Polyclinic, two at s. Giovanni Addolorata and you are at the Bambino Gesù pediatric “.

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