Massage, as many as there are

Many of the most popular massages come from the East and aim to restoring mind-body balance. They therefore work thoroughly on emotionality, emotions, spirituality and calmness. Remember that when we choose a massage center or spa, we check that they follow the government-mandated anticovid regulations.

Massages, how many types and what they are used for

Some of these are indicated precisely to unplug from daily tasks or to solve some physical problem or blemish. One of the most famous is the Thai massage which consists of combined techniques of acupuncture and stretching and is performed on the floor with clothes and without oils.

The Chinese massage always aims to lead back to physical-mental and spiritual balance, and he also makes use of acupuncture, for example. Slow and gentle movements are the basis of the Ayurveda massage with which it aims to restore psychological and physical balance and resolve aesthetic blemishes.

The Californian massage on the other hand, is one of the most physically beneficial precisely because it serves, with its strokes, to improve joint mobility and reduce contractures. But it is also useful to help eliminate toxins, improve breathing and digestion or solve problems at the mental and psychological level such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear, lack of self-esteem and so on.

The stone massage o Stone Massage is one of the most scenic precisely because it is performed using hot stones that serve to reduce pain and eliminate possible tension. It is in fact a massage that is used as a pain reliever and to perform drainages (thus to solve aesthetic problems such as cellulite or water retention).

Massages, on the other hand, that are used to solve specific physical problems are, for example, the muscle and relaxation massage which has a relaxing effect and improves a person&#8217s well-being precisely because it stretches and warms the muscles. The draining massage, instead, stimulates circulation and solves the problem of fluid stagnation (to which cellulite and water retention are related).

Finally, the massage designed for sportsmen, the decontracting one, serves to prepare muscles for future sports activities as well as to resolve contractures.

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