Depression how to recognize the symptoms

Depression, how to recognize the symptoms

One in five people suffers from depression, a very common pathology but not easy to recognize, just as it is not easy to understand if someone suffers from it.

THE symptoms of depression I am:

  • gloomy mood
  • loss of interest in anything
  • sense of inner emptiness
  • apathy
  • sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep or frequent awakening)
  • inappetence

Depression can present itself in various degrees: mild, medium and severe and only a doctor or a psychologist can formulate a precise diagnosis. In fact, we often tend to confuse a simple temporarily negative mood (because of an unpleasant event, for example), with depression.

It is normal to feel sad, for example because of a bereavement, or at times feel despondent or listless; only if the symptoms last over time or cause serious disturbances in everyday life, there could be depression and therefore it will be advisable to go to the doctor or accompany an acquaintance suffering from depression to him.

In fact, alone, the situation would not be resolved and indeed, it could only worsen the state of listlessness, with the consequent end of a social life (and perhaps even the thought of suicide).

Someone suffering from depression

If, on the other hand, you see someone who suffers from depression (friend, relative, acquaintance), there are more things that can be done to help him: do not worsen the situation with phrases that urge the optimism or that they spur to be more proud or to do it all for do something.

Better, however, stay close to the person who suffers, be understood and help him with small gestures such as preparing a hot drink, bring medicines or simply listen to what he possibly has to say.

The second step is certainly to look for a clinical psychiatrist expert in depression because you cannot help a person alone and at this point remind him of the appointments, accompany him and encourage him to continue the care.

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