Civitavecchia – The training of school operators in pediatric emergencies is underway

Civitavecchia – The training of school operators in pediatric emergencies is underway

A training course was recently held for school assistants, employees of the St.OR.T. Hippocrates Ltd by the UOC Conscious Procreation and Responsible for Maternity Health Protection – Preventive Medicine for Developmental Age, through the Developmental Age Preventive Medicine service.

The Director General of ASL RM F, dr. Joseph Quintavalle he recalled how the initiative, so important for the safety of young pupils, had been envisaged by the ASL ROMA F since 2011 with the adoption of a specific resolution (no. 715 dated 20/07/2011) which regulated i care pathways Precisely to statute in the area of the ASL Roma F area, a defined and shared path that guarantees criteria of accessibility, equity, safety, appropriateness and economy; insertion of the child with diabetes Mellito type 1 in the school.

The theme addressed in the course concerned the administration of medicines during school hours to non self-sufficient minors, according to the joint circular from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) no.2312 of 25 November 2005.

In fact, this legislation requires a task force to be organized with regard to the administration of drugs by the staff of the school staff (teachers and ATA), of the Municipality to which they belong, of the local ASL and of the voluntary associations present in the area.

To this end, in addition to the ASL RM F and the Municipality of Civitavecchia, through the school assistants, the initiative was also involved the Red Cross of Civitavecchia through the Volunteer Nurses, which have ensured their availability in the event of a high number of students.

The course has dealt, specifically, in addition to the training on two pathologies particularly common among minors, seizures and type I diabetes, also to teach the correct dosing procedure, which in the first case consists of emergency Valium micro-enemas, during the seizure and, in the second from subcutaneous injections of insulin before meals.

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