Italian Red Cross Blood Collection in Manziana on Sunday Jan. 17

Italian Red Cross, Blood Drive in Manziana on Sunday, Jan. 17

Sunday, Janogy 17, 2016 Starting at 08 a.m.30 and up to 11 a.m.30 Will Be Held a "Blood Drive" on the premises of the elementary school – via Pisa n. 21 – Manziana (RM).
AN ’ Ambulance with Doctors and Many Volunteers Are Waiting For You For This Noble Gesture. It will be necessary to show up fasting and armed with both an ID and social security number.

“Donating blood and its components” represents an important gesture that starts from the heart of each person and reaches the whole community. It means intervening freely, voluntarily and consciously to integrate the availability. In this regard, we reiterate, as the Italian Red Cross has had the opportunity to point out in the past, that every year in our region there is a shortage of about 30 thousand units of blood; a shortage that results in the postponement of numerous surgical procedures.

It should also be pointed out that in many cases blood transfusion is the’only therapy that can save human life (severe bleeding, thalassemia, etc.) and has, moreover, a beneficial effect on the donors themselves. We trust, therefore, in your sensitivity and generosity.

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