How hot drinks help your health

How hot drinks help your health

Whether it's coffee in the morning or chamomile tea in the evening, drinking a hot drink is a pleasure that is hard to give up. Besides being pleasing to the palate, they also have healthy effects on the body, as many nutritionists claim. In fact, depending on the type of brew you choose, you can get a variety of benefits, such as improving mood, preventing infections, and more. Here are four benefits that not everyone knows about.

They facilitate "good sweating"

Desert peoples to quench their thirst drink hot tea, which by promoting a dilation of blood vessels allows the body to lose heat more easily. In fact, all hot drinks, by facilitating sweating, help balance body temperature. In fact, the more sweat evaporates from the skin the more the temperature tends to drop giving a feeling of coolness. Of course, it is good not to overdo it but simply try to reach a temperature appropriate to the’environment and not higher, to feel less hot.

They prevent infection and fight pain

Ginger herbal teas have a number of beneficial effects on our bodies, helping, for example, to clear the respiratory system when one has a cold and are also ideal for fighting seasonal infectious diseases thanks to the antiseptic properties of this formidable root. Last but not least, these herbal teas can have an analgesic effect proving to be an excellent remedy for headaches or tooth pain.

They help our heart and brain

Drinking hot chocolate or green tea to warm up during winter can prove to be an’excellent habit, in fact these drinks are rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of diabetes. These results can also be achieved thanks to a drink that is consumed by more or less everyone in Italy: coffee. Studies have indeed shown that it has a stimulating and tonic effect on cardiac and nervous activity, as well as counteracting the effect of neurodegenerative diseases, thus preserving good memory.
It is good to remember that the benefits of coffee are lost if one exceeds three cups, which is the maximum daily intake for a healthy adult subject.

Accelerates metabolism

The habit of drinking a glass of warm water with the addition of lemon every morning has beneficial effects on our body, such as going to cleanse the intestinal system of toxins by aiding digestion throughout the day. This can also be achieved by ending meals with a ginger or cardamom herbal tea, which help the body better assimilate the nutrients in food.

A few additional tips

Finally, it is good to clarify that hot beverages do not mean boiling hot. On the contrary, we must avoid ingesting substances with too high a temperature; Christopher Wild, director of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, urges caution in taking excessively hot drinks, given the possible link between esophageal cancer and their consumption.
It is useless to give in to easy alarmism as the studies are still at an early stage and do not have enough data to be absolutely certain of the link. How to know when the temperature is right? Simply wait 4-5 minutes, which is the infusion time of the herbal tea, before drinking it.

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