The importance of extracting life for the life and harmony of our body

The importance of extracting life for the life and harmony of our body

The human body is not only an organism for its own sake, with its structure and known capacities, but it was created to communicate with nature. The communicative ability of an organism is evident in every aspect of its functions, from non-verbal language to verbal language and the way it interacts with food and biological substances introduced inside.

Within the organism there are points of energy which, once connected to the others, are capable of generating real sources of energy life energy. And it is on this principle that the cells communicate with each other or with other cells that offer themselves to the organism as vital nourishment.

Live power

Until now, food intake has always been considered a supplement to ensure survival. However, no one had yet thought of nourishing the body to promote vital energy until some companies decided to follow these paths of technological research by favoring needs that are often unspoken but fundamental for the body: the communication of cells with organic cells that assume the function of vital nourishment.

It seems incredible that the production capacity of some companies may be able to obtain products useful for respecting the characteristics of the human body and designing appliances that are respectful of nature and man at the same time. Instead, this is precisely the objective of the companies that have been working for many years for cutting-edge and certainly out of the ordinary technological research.
Yet there is a patented Swiss technology, based on the Gold Disk associated with household appliances such as extractors, dairy mills and other household appliances made in collaboration with a Swiss company that has been studying the interaction of materials and frequencies with organisms for more than 30 years.

The perfect mandala, the scientific study of Masaru Emoto

Thus was born the first extractor in the world that implemented the Swiss technology of Gold Disk, able to get some Live juice with cold extractor, In order not to break the frequency of the cells of organic matter and which we find on https: // Indeed, As also demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto analysis, who studied the crystallization of a drop of juice under the electronic microscope which, depending on the methods of extraction, expresses different forms and information:

  • When the juice is pure, perfect, it looks like an impeccable mandala.
  • When we ingest this juice, the drawing and therefore the vibrational structure, it moves to our cells as positive or negative information.

Under the microscope, the cells d. When these parameters are not respected, this mandala comes out disrupted and the photos are able to represent exactly what is described by Dr Masaru Emoto.

The frequencies of life

We can think that these are frequencies that indicate that matter is alive? Certainly, but we cannot exclude that precisely for this reason they tune into the water cells that make up our body, reharmonizing and energizing the human body again.

The communicative capacity of water is in fact well known, and the company has always been concerned with being able to create products that could guarantee the human body this kind of characteristic.

This is a very important innovation that has been made possible thanks to a system of hardened steel gears with the presence of copper instead of the classic plastic gears that today populate most of the cold extractors.

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