IVF the health insurance passes

IVF, the health insurance passes?

IVF is meant in vitro fertilization, i.e. the union of the egg with the sperm (of the donor or of the spouse) carried out in the laboratory (in vitro, in fact) to obtain already fertilized embryos to be transferred into the mother’s uterus.

It is a treatment that can be undertaken by parents

It is a treatment that can be undertaken by parents who are unable to have a child naturally, such as women:

  • who have already made several unsuccessful inseminations
  • with severe endometriosis, with tubal pathologies or low oocyte quality
  • of a certain age who have low quality eggs
  • with pathologies or absence of the tubes

Or from couples in which the man has low sperm quality. In Italy there are several clinics, private or public, where you can undertake an in vitro fertilization process.

However, private ones are more expensive than public ones; however, the latter may require longer waiting times before starting treatment.

The question one might ask is if IVF passes the health insurance

Well, in Italy Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) has been included in the Essential Levels of Assistance (Lea), i.e. the services that the National Health Service is required to guarantee to all citizens, free of charge or in partnership. There are some limitations though and they need to be checked.

However, in Northern Italy it is possible to find more public and affiliated centers than in Southern Italy, where instead the centers are mainly private and the costs of IVF weigh totally on couples.

Each Region has an autonomous discipline, therefore some limitations could be placed. For example, the maximum age of a woman who accesses IVF treatment can range from 41 years in Valle d’Aosta to 46 years in Veneto.

There is no personal data restriction (unless medically indicated) in Lombardy and Liguria.

There are no cycle limits for IVF in Lombardy, Puglia, Sardinia; in the other Regions a maximum of 3 cycles are covered.

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