Healing manicure and cosmetic manicure, what are the differences

Healing manicure and cosmetic manicure, what are the differences?

Every day there are many women (but also men) who turn to professionals or beauticians for the care of their hands i.and. to perform manicures. But a manicure is not just the simple application of nail polish to have tidier nails.

Two types of manicures

In fact, there are two types of manicures, the curative and the cosmetic one.

the healing manicure, as the name implies, aims to treat all the most complex problems affecting the hands and nails. It is performed, in fact, on unhealthy nails and on hands that have problems such as dehydration, cracking or calluses.

The purpose of this manicure is also to solve problems such as onychophagic nails, ingrown nails, flaky nails or fungus. Examples of curative manicure treatments are, for example, removal of cuticles, fungus or calluses and rehydration of very chapped or dehydrated hands.

That is why when one needs a healing manicure, it is necessary to turn to professionals (such as a dermatologist).

The aesthetic manicure

the cosmetic manicure, Instead, it is performed on healthy nails that are disease-free and have not needed treatment and reconstruction.

It concerns, for example, adjusting the length of the nails, removing any loose skin and applying nail polish, but also performing massage ad hoc to revitalize the hands and keep the epidermis healthy (such as massages to improve muscle tone or blood flow).

Some examples of cosmetic manicure treatments are those involving the application of:

  • exfoliating masks on the hands;
  • cuticle oil or strengthening oil for hands and nails;
  • basic products and sealants (base coat and top coat);
  • transparent or colored nail polishes

Aesthetic manicure is therefore meant to make nails and hands more beautiful but also to keep them healthy longer.

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