Italian excellence in Barcelona contributions to narrative psychotherapy

Italian excellence in Barcelona: contributions to narrative psychotherapy

Italian excellence in family psychotherapy selected to participate in the 5th International Congress of the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy. This same, AETEN, is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the research and development of narrative, individual, family and community therapy and thus involve experts from multiple nations capable of making important contributions. Theories and clinics compared on storytelling, why storytelling, represents one of the main ways that human beings possess to make known an incident or their own history.

Indeed, it is not possible to present oneself to the world except by narrating oneself. We live immersed in narrative by rethinking and weighing the meaning of our past actions, anticipating the results of those planned for the future. Indeed, our lives are ceaselessly intertwined with narratives, the stories we tell or are told (in the most diverse forms), the stories we dream or imagine or wish we could tell.

All are recast in the story of our lives, which we tell ourselves in a long, episodic, often unconscious, but virtually uninterrupted monologue (Brooks, 1995). The elaboration of facts into stories or “personal narratives” it is necessary for people to make sense of their lives, for them to acquire a feeling of coherence and continuity. Creating intentional Links Bethaeen Lived Experiences.

July 6-9, 2016 in Barcelona, Lo Castro I., Remained g., Melara l., M Maria Rosaria, are the Italian Professionals Who Will Present An Experiential Seminar in Barcelona, The Result of Their Experience of More Than 20’years of Clinical and Research. This Will Be a Space Dedicated to the Methodological Approach in Which the Dream Constittes One of the Possible Stories that the Subject Tells in Therapy and, AS Such, A Generator of Means and Susceptible to modification. The Psychotherapists Mentioned Above, he proposed considering The Dream As A Film in Which the client is director and scriptwriter and the therapist takes on the role of co-writer to help the client rewrite the story told in the dream.

The Latter Is Always Connected with the Dominant Narratives of Waking Life. In this way, the modifications made to the stories told in dreams help to change the dominant narratives of the client’s waking life. A number of intervention techniques for working on the dream with the aforementioned aims, accompanied by several clinical exemplifications, will serve as a common thread.

The president of AETEN, Carlos Chimpén López, strongly wanted the creation of the Association’s fifth congress on narrative therapy and received, among others, the collaboration of: Faculty of Psychology, Instructional Sciences, FPCEE Blanquerna, which was founded 65 years ago; the UMANSENRED Training Organization; and the Official Order of Psychologists of Catalonia.

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