Rieti – confidence confirmed to the general manager of the ASL

Rieti – Confidence confirmed to the general manager of the ASL

The Local conference for healthcare of Rieti. The meeting included the evaluation and verification of the company results achieved by the general manager of the ASL, Laura Figorilli, 18 months after its settlement, in order to express an opinion on the confirmation or not of the assignment itself.

The general manager, accompanied by the Health Director and the managing director, As requested by the mayor Simone Petrangeli, as president of the conference, he illustrated the actions put in place in recent months and the results achieved, starting from the significant inherited critical issues: a system of offer unable to guarantee essential levels of assistance; a relationship of trust with its citizens strongly compromised; A significant passive mobility, also for low complexity performance; a widespread demotivation of personnel.

The Quality indicators of the assistance reached and i comforting economic results, The organizational innovation projects carried out, the developments of the activities of the House of Health of Magliano, the next start of new lines of activity, the enhancement of the many excellence.

During the meeting they were Also highlighted the serious difficulties in which the company management linked to the Personnel deficiency, to the situation of temporary, to the need for Investing in resources and technologies on the AMATREN EVERHASE. The importance of developing socio-health integration projects and to ensure proximity to the provision of basic services in a provincial area characterized by the almost total absence of accredited private structures has also been underlined.

The mayors, in an atmosphere of great cordiality, have expressed appreciation and satisfaction for the work done by management.

The joint commitment was to share priorities on which to intervene with great determination, among these: ensuring personnel resources for the most critical areas; rapid conclusion of the procedural process for the coverage of the positions of director of the complex structures of Medicine and Surgery of Acceptance and Urgency, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Psychiatry, already authorized by the Lazio Region; request for authorisation, always to be forwarded to the Region, to fill, in a very short time, the posts of director of the complex structures of medical oncology and oncological surgery.

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