Lung Cancer, Cardillo One Person Dies Every 83 Seconds in Europe

Lung Cancer, Cardillo (Siet): “ in Europe One Person Dies Every 83 Seconds ”

Starts TODAY XXI Congress of the Italian Society of Thoracic Endoscopy (siet) to be Held in Rome, at the Police High School, Until Saturday, Oct. 1. The focus of the discussion will be on the crucial role of length cancer screening, New Surgical Technologies and Espencially Robotic Technologies up to ’ Artificial Intelligence. To elaborate on some of the Issues, The Say News Agency Interviewed Professor Giuseppe Cardillo, Director of the UOC of Thoracic Surgery at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome, Chairman of the 21st Siet Congress and President of the Siet.

In Europe, one person every 83 seconds dies from Lung Cancer

“ The Main Topic We Will Deal With During The Congress-States Cardillo- is Lung Cancer, Which is WIDESPREAD in Italy as it is in the rest of Europe ’ and it is also a major issue in the rest of Europe. This is a very Serious Disease. Just To Undersand the Magnitude, in Italy, as many as 41 Thousand Cases of Lung Cancer are diagnosed each year with 35 Thousand Deaths. To Undersand the Magnitude of the problem we can imagine that lint cancer accounts for 10 percent of all cancers in Terms of accident, in Terms of mortality the % double to 20 percent: 1 in 5 people Who die from cancer have a lung neoplasm.

Worldwide, Victims Rise to 2Million People.

Just to make it more of an Idea We Can Also Say That, Again in the Old Continent, One person every 83 Seconds Dies from Lung Cancer. We will talk in this Three-Day Event Not Only About The Disease But Also About the very important role of Making Early Diagnoses and Even More About the Crucial Role of Screening and Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Thanks To Robots. It Should Be Emphasized that If the patient is operated on at an early internship they have an excellent life expectancy up to 85-90% at 5 years.

If the patient, on the other hand, is operated on late, that person &#8217S Life Expectancy Drops to 35-40 percent. The Average, Life Expectancy Terms in the case of an Operated Person Still Falls to 18 percent. We Will Also Discuss New Developments in The Field of New Robotic Techniques That Can Assist The Surgeon in the Operating Room.

There Will Be a Focus On Chronic Lungic Diseases, Such As: Pulmonary Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis and All Other Chronic Lung Diseases ”.

Women More affected Than Men: The Role of Hormones

“ Lung Cancer in Women Differs from That What affects Men ’ S. Over the Past 5 Years, Lung Cancer Mortality in Men &#8217S Has Been Reduced by 15%. While in Women, Espencialy Younger One, it is on the Rise Registering A More%.

It’s been coming that the harm of smoking is greater in Women Than Men. In addition, The Incased Insence is Also Attribable to Damage from Environmental Carcinogens. Although women are more affected by the disease they have a better life expectancy than men, which stands at 22 percent compared to 16 percent for males.

Within the congress, the psychological aspect of women with lung cancer will also be investigated’s psychological aspect. It has been pointed out that women deal with cancer differently than men and this ‘explains’ why treating a woman ‘is easier’ than a man”.

On the role of hormones and the’incidence of cancer in women the specialist pointed out: “Definitely lung cancer has estrogen receptors. Several hypotheses have been made about the role of estrogen in the onset of lung cancer, but it is unclear at what level and how. This risk does not extend to contraceptive pills, but in post-menopause yes the risk of developing the disease may be higher.

In The Coming Years, we will have more accurate data and it will be possible to undertand How Gender Differences &#8221 Influence Lung Cancer Diagnosis;.

If you have smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 20 years, you are at risk: get screened

Screening is the main weapon at our disposal. In case the patient is a candidate for surgery today we can count on minimally invasive techniques that allow the patient to return to his social and professional activities in a few days. Therefore, our mission is to make the patient forget that he or she has been affected by cancer. If a person in his life has smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 20 years (or 20 cigarettes for 30 years) and falls in the 55-80 age group, he is an ideal candidate for lung screening.

I repeat it is the healthy people who do not have specific symptoms who need to be screened.

It doesn”t screen those who have a cough, to simplify, but those who smoke”. How to put it with those who prefer electronic cigarettes? “ Certainly-Explains Cardillo-It is less Harmful Than Tobacco But it. So my ‘invitation’is don&#8217t smoke.

An estimated 10 thousand lives have been saved in the U.St. thanks to lung cancer screening, covered by public insurance forms (Medicare and Medicaid). Even in Italy they have understood the importance of this practice, which is why the Ministry of Health has initiated funding to do screening in 18 pilot centers throughout Italy. At two three years the benefits will be certified”.

How the lung survey is performed

“A low-dose spiral chest CT scan is performed- adds the expert-which, in less than 1 minute, with minimal exposure to ionizing radiation and without the use of contrast medium allows for the identification of cancer at an early stage , which can’be operated on and cured with minimally invasive surgery. In many cases, doubtful lesions are identified that require periodic follow-ups over time. Screening Can Reduce Lung Cancer Mortality by About 61 Percent in Women and 26 percent in Men (According to Data From The Nelson Study, The Largest European Screening Study) ”.

How Minimally Invasive Surgery Works, Robots and Function Recovery

“ The Surgeon Today Makes Use in The Operating Room of the Robot, Particularly The Da Vinci, Which Allaws Surgery With Two Small Holes and With Instruments More ’ Precise Than The Human Hand. This Will Result in Huge Advantages For the Patient in Terms of Both Surgical Safety and Recovery (Hospital Stay Limited to very few days). One Technique that has similar Advantages To Robotics is videohoracoscopy, which is certain more ’ used because of the high cost axll related to the robotic technique that is not available everywhere.

Both Robotics and Videthoracoscopy are Effective and Safe for the patient. It. The ’ Important Thing is to use minimally Invasive Techniques.

The ’ Only ‘ Limitation ’ Is that with the robot I work remotely and do not palpate the patient. The Believe that in the Future We Will Also Make Up For This Through Research And ’ Artificial Intelligence ”.

“ A Great Help to the Surgeon is offered by Modern Oncology, Which, Thanks to Drugs Active On Molecular Mutations and To ’ Immunotherapy (Precision Therapy), Will Allew For Greater later in The Fight Against The Big Killer Par Excellence , Lung Cancer ” cardillo concludes.

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