Jogging in winter, what to wear

Jogging in winter, what to wear

Those who are used to jogging, Do not give up this activity even in winter when the air is colder. But how to succeed in this sport in winter without suffering from the cold?

What is best to wear?

If during nice weather and warm days (even spring or summer afternoons or evenings) it is easy to dress for jogging by wearing a T-shirt and leggings or shorts or for men a T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants, it cannot be said that it is appropriate to dress this way even in winter.

In fact, although it often happens to meet daredevils who jog dressed like this, it is not a very wise choice to do so, because you can get sick very easily since you sweat and the clothing is not the best to protect against the temperature change between body temperature and outside temperature.

So, again, a good solution is to dress in layers and, only if you really feel very hot, go and take off a layer as you go.

No detail should be underestimated, starting with underwear, which should be functional so as to transport sweat outside but keep the skin dry.

Then, wear pants suitable for cold temperatures.

And as for the top, wear a first layer with a breathable long-sleeved T-shirt and a second layer with a thermal shirt or softshell jacket.

Finally, a windproof jacket that protects against wind and wet weather (hardshell).

Shoes should also be chosen with care, knowing that the surface on which you run might be wet and slippery: therefore, prefer shoes that are firm and allow the foot to be insulated from the outside.

So you won’t sweat but most importantly, you will always be well warm, even when wearing only one pair of socks.

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