Cosmetic surgery, a thing for men

Cosmetic surgery, a “thing for men”

It has been customs cleared up for a while. There surgery aesthetics, In fact, it is no longer just a “question of women”, the men who make you use to “find yourself” or build – together with the plastic surgeon – the self -image they have always wanted to “find more and more.

Men and cosmetic surgery, when they use you

Men’s cosmetic surgery is an increasing phenomenon, recent data also testify to it. The most interested areas of the body are mainly chest and abdomen. In Use, For example, according to the 2014 data released by the American plastic surgery company, in recent years there has been a real boom in interventions aimed at the plant prosthesis pectoral.

For the gynecomastia, Instead, the intervention aimed at reducing the breast in men, there was an increase of 30 percent between 2000 and 2014.

Male surgery in Great Britain and Italy

On the other hand, male cosmetic surgery interventions in Great Britain. In 2014, in fact, this type of interventions recorded an important 15 percent drop. Italy, Instead, the US trend follows and sees the use of cosmetic surgery by men increase. This is what emerges from the data released by SICPRE, The Italian Society of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

The interventions for the correction of gynecomastia, of the so -called handles of love and abdomen are very popular. Among the most requested interventions by the Italians, however, there is always what can be considered a great classic: the truck Of hair.

Hair transplant, the dream of 4 thousand Italians

In 2014, according to the most recent data of the Italian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association, they were well 4 thousand Italians who have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery in order not to surrender to the advance of baldness. Hair transplantation experienced a real boom in Italy around the 2000s but the data seem to confirm that the tendency to consider it one of the most immediate and effective remedies has not yet stopped. In reality this is not the case because this type of intervention, with the progress of medicine and the passage of time, has shown to have more than one limit.

The age of the subjects varies greatly, especially males, who have chosen to follow this path to find, in the mirror, the most reassuring self-image in line with their expectations. The interventions, in fact, were performed on aged subjects between 20 and 60 years old.

The limits of autotransplantation and the new opportunities offered by science

But the autotransplant really offers a permanent solution to baldness? Unfortunately this is not the case. Hair transplantation, as shown by the studies conducted within the Hair Clinic laboratories, a clinic specialized in the care and health of hair, in no way represents a definitive solution to the problem.

The intervention surgical, In fact, he limits himself to covering a imperfection, giving yes the provisional feeling of having obtained a concrete response to the problem, but with important negative effects in retrospect. First of all the very concrete possibility of one fell.

The weakened bulbs, in fact, can be subject to relapses, with the reappearance of baldness precisely in the areas affected by the surgery. Furthermore, the truck can request the need for several interventions before being finished and is not suitable for everyone. Subjects who suffer from particular pathologies, such as forms of allergy that affect the scalp, cannot undergo the automoting car.

In these cases what can be done?

The concrete solution comes, however, from medicine regenerative which, through the use of stem cells, allows you to reactivate bulbs erroneously considered inactive with truly important results. It is an innovative approach to the problem, promoted by Hair Clinic, which starts from the detailed analysis of the causes of baldness and comes to offer specific solutions for individual cases.

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