Civitavecchia – ASL RM Andos double Assistance thanks to the Cariciv Foundation

Civitavecchia – ASL RM F, L ’ Andos “ double ” l ’ assistance thanks to the Cariciv Foundation

A new lymphatic drainage device intended for women with breast surgery, which will be managed by associate A.d.OR.St. of Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, it came into operation in recent days, in the Pink Room of the San Paolo Hospital in Civitavecchia, thanks to a generous donation from the CA Foundation.RE.CIV.

At the presentation event of the new initiative, which effectively doubles the offer of this particular type of assistance in the F1 District of the ASL RM F, the President of the CA Foundation was present.RE.CIV. Adv. Vincenzo Cacciaglia accompanied by Dr. Enrico Iengo and of course the President of the A.No.d.OR.St. of Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, Dr.Annalisa di Giovanni, the Vice President, Hon.

Rita Stella.

For the ASL, instead he participated in a large drappe of managers: by the company health director of the ASL RM F Dott. Lauro Sciannamea to the Health Director of the San Paolo Hospital, Dott. Antonio Carbone, by the director of the emergency and acceptance department, Dott. Marco Di Gennaro, to the director of the U.OR.C. Radiology, Dott.

Giuseppe Tagliaferri and the Dott.Ssa Marina De Angelis d ’ Ossat; They also did not miss their presence the inspector of the voluntary nurses (IVV) of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) of Civitavecchia, sister Paola Patrì, the president of the diabetic diabetic association of Civitavecchia (Adiciv), Franco Armenio , the secretary Adriana Papacchioli and the many volunteers engaged in the activity;.

Omolateral lymphatic drainage is remembered, it is a very important therapy because it has a preventive function for any edemas that can be formed locally in women who have suffered mastectomy.

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