Free gynecological consultations during the month of May the pill without the pill on tour

Free gynecological consultations in May the pill-free pill on tour

May 5-21, at major Italian university campuses, Italian female students will have the opportunity to have a confrontation, answers And the opportunity for specialized counseling to live they sexuality consciously. The Pill Without A Pill and Love It Restart! Conscious sex,The Information and Awareness Campaign Promotted by The Sigo.

Sexuality and Contraception: How Prepared Girls Are On the Subject? To offer Comparison, Answers and the Possibility of Specialized Counseling to Italian University Students Comes Directly to Campuses The Information and Awareness Campaign Promotted by Sigo In Collaboration with The Pill Without The Pill, MSD Italy’s Educational Project. The Campaign Is Dedicated to Young Women Who Want To Be protagonist in All the Most IMPORTANT DECISIONS OF THEIR LIVES AND WHO, IN MATTERS OF SEX, WANT TO HAVE THE OPPORTITITY TO CHOOSE THE CONTRACEPTIVI METHOD THAT Best Fits the Rhythm of Their Lives.

There will be 7 universities, in as many Italian cities (Rome, Catania, Padua, Naples, Milan, Pisa and Cagliari) hosting from May 5 to 21 the educational space The Pill Without a Pill within Universitybox, a roadshow that connects thousands of college students, offering them fun, information, games but also a chance to get closer to the world of work. The traveling event will host a space to learn more about sexuality issues, where girls will be able consult for free, and anonymously, with a team of gynecologists who will answer questions, doubts and curiosities about sexuality and contraception. At the booth will also be distribute free of charge the symbolic bracelet of the Love it campaign! and the Guide to Contraception The Pill Without the Pill.

According to a survey of more than 700 girls who participated in the Love it educational campaign meetings! Conscious sex in 2014 nearly 40 percent of girls would like to change the type of hormonal contraceptive they are using. But how much do girls know about hormonal contraception not using the pill?

Only a meager 32% claim to be familiar with it, despite the fact that there are numerous contraceptive methods available today, such as those that free you from the routine of daily intake and are ‘forgetting-proof,’ such as the patch, subcutaneous implant, medicated IUD and the vaginal ring, the latter being the one that aroused the most curiosity among girls (52%).

To ensure everyone gets the information, not only for those who reside in the cities involved in the May tour, there is free online counseling on the website www.the pill without the

the Love Bands, a team of young gynecologists, will in fact, help girls overcome perplexities and fears related to sexuality and the use of contraception, thanks to an online counseling service that guarantees absolute confidentiality.

The booth de The pill without the pill awaits you within the campuses of the Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Catania on May 5-6-7, at the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Padua, May 12-13-14 and finally at theUniversity of Pisa, the University of Cagliari and at the Polytechnic University of Milan on May 19-20-21.

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