Let’s feed ourselves how to take care of ourselves with food

Let's feed ourselves, how to take care of ourselves with food

"We are what we eat" The philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said. What is introduced into our body does not influence only the body, but also the energy, psychological and spiritual processes of each of us. Improve nutrition can therefore improve our life.

Aware of this truth, the Miramare neighborhood committee together with the duck association have thought of organizing a series of events on the food of which the first “FoodLOVE YOUthere the next one will be held Saturday 6 February From 16:00 to 19:00 at the headquarters of the Association Il Duck, via Quarto Grotte n. 15 Albano Laziale.

We will talk about the IGP products, doc, the excellence of our territory that are at our disposal but often we do not know. with Mauro Brannetti of the neighborhood supermarket Dean.

We will see how the products of our territory are grown, what their characteristics are and how it is possible to find them easily thanks to Angelo Savioli from the Farm the poppy of Aprilia.

We will reflect on the power together with the Psychologist Tecla Cappellucci of the Pegaso 2003 association Seeing how also what we eat influences our mood, our state of the soul and our level of energy.

Finally we will discover how the nutrients contained in food can help maintain an excellent state of health and energy every day with the nutritionist Sara Capoccia Which will also explain how to choose healthy, nutritious foods and without toxic and harmful ingredients simply by focusing a few seconds to read the indications of the ingredients of the packaging, which is important for all of us and fundamental for our children.

We are waiting for you to share with simple but precious advice on how to choose with awareness healthy, excellent and nutritious foods for you and your loved ones


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