Cicatrene what this medicine is for

Cicatrene, what this medicine is used for

Cicatrene It is used for surface leather infections, such as folliculitis (hair follicle infection, the structure that surrounds the hair root) or fucking (inflammation of the skin characterized by the presence of boils), small burns or infected wounds.

Apply a thin layer of cream or a slight spray of dust, 2 times a day every time you have to redo the dressing, after cleaning the wound.

Not dev ’ be used cicatrene:

  • If you are allergic to the active ingredients or any of the other components of this medicine
  • On the infections that are close to the eye;
  • on infections of the auditory duct if you have a perforation of the tympanum.

Pay attention to using Cicatrene:

  • If you have a poor functionality of the kidney (renal failure)
  • If you are taking other drugs that have harmful effects on kidney or on the ear
  • For a long time and/or on areas of extensive or ulcerated skin and/or occlusive bandage that does not let the air pass, since these situations increase the risk of undesirable effects against the kidney and/or of the ear, ear, due to a greater absorption of neomycin.

In premature -born children and infants, renal function is not developed, not to use the drug since neomycin can cause kidney and/or ear problems.

Furthermore, in children, skin plians or diapers can act as a occlusive bandage.

There may be interactions with other drugs belonging to the class of aminoglucosidici (kanamycin, gentamicin, framicetin, etc.), therefore always inform the doctor or pharmacist in these cases.

If a pregnancy is underway, if you are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding with breast milk, ask the doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine.

Always use this medicine exactly as described on the package leaflet or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

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