Civitavecchia – ASL Roma F from tomorrow they are reborn; The obstetrics, gynecology and pediatric wards

Civitavecchia – ASL Roma F, from tomorrow ‘ Rinasciono ’ The obstetrics, gynecology and pediatric wards

As announced during the inaugural ceremony of the new birth block, Civitavecchia’s midwife is ready to relaunch itself as a pole of excellence of local healthcare, a highly qualified point of reference for the pregnant women of the northern area of Lazio.

In fact, the reopening follows the construction of two labor and delivery rooms with an adjoining neonatal island, post-partum observation rooms, a preparation and monitoring environment for the pregnant woman, an area for staff with separate access, an changing room and service for fathers who wish to participate in the birth phases, all created with funds from the Lazio Region and with the contribution of the CARICIV Foundation, which is also committed to the forthcoming renovation of the hospital ward whose work should begin in the month of October and of the LIONS association as regards the furnishings of the waiting room of the new delivery block. Particular attention was paid to creating colorful and welcoming environments in order to encourage respect for the naturalness of the birth event, without neglecting safety for the partorient and for the newborn.

In fact, the works for the dedicated operating room will also soon be completed, annexed to the Block Travaglio Birth, which will allow to intervene with the utmost timeliness in the event of an emergency or any complications during the birth labor.

In recent days, the bureaucratic process has also been completed to allow the transfer of gynecological, obstetric and pediatric staff from the#8217; Tarquinia hospital, whose birth point was merged by the Lazio Region with that of the San Paolo Hospital with the objective of reaching the number of at least 500 per year that represent the minimum safety standard accredited by all companies scientific.

The procedures for the purchase of furnishings and equipment and the company health management is working for the establishment of the birth analgesia are being operated on the course of work.

Thanks to the Dott. Luigi Papadia, director UOC Gynecology F.f., Dr.SSA Paola Tomassini as regards the activation of the Neonatology service in 24, the DR. Antonio Perugini in service as director of UOC Obstetrics and Gynecology since August, all medical managers, obstetric and nursing staff for having contributed directly to respect for this timing.

Finally, we thank the general management of the ASL of Viterbo for the continuous and constant collaboration and offers itself to the citizens of Tarquinia the widest willingness to guarantee timely and quality services.

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